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Hearts of Stone

To be released | Bulletproof Cupid | 26 minutes
Directed by: Tom Van Avermaet | Written by: Tom Van Avermaet, Alison Kathleen Kelly | Cinematography: Hans Bruch Jr. | Editing: Ana Stulina | Costume Design: Sofie Callaerts | Production Design: Philippe Bertin | Music: Marko Jukić
In a sculpture park in the heart of a bustling metropolis, Paula (Noomi Rapace), a lonely street artist, entertains people as a living statue. She longs with an impossible love for Agatha (Jessica Baren), a stone sculpture next to her regular spot. When a festival for living statues arrives in the park, Paula is dismayed to find that Agatha has been replaced by a new, modern sculpture. After a frantic search, she finds Agatha in a group of discarded statues, ready to be taken away. Almost as a farewell, she kisses the object of her affection. Later, at the festival’s closing party, Paula meets Agatha in the flesh.
Cast: Noomi Rapace (Paula), Jessica Barden (Agatha), John Last (Tourist), Nabil Malat, Jan Bijvoet
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