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Hearts of Stone

Awaiting release | Bulletproof Cupid
Directed by: Tom Van Avermaet | Written by: Tom Van Avermaet, Alison Kathleen Kelly | Cinematography: Hans Bruch Jr. | Costume Design: Sofie Callaerts | Production Design: Philippe Bertin
In the heart of a bustling metropolis, Paula (Noomi Rapace), a lonely street artist, entertains people as a living statue. She longs for an impossible love with Agatha (Jessica Barden), a stone sculpture next to which she can be found every day. One day, when reaching her familiar spot, she finds her stone companion replaced by an abstract, modern sculpture. After a frantic search, she discovers Agatha cast aside amidst a group of discarded, classical statues who have lost their place in the modernizing sculpture park. As the sun sets, Paula finds herself trying to wake the lonely statue from her stone slumber.
Cast: Noomi Rapace (Paula), Jessica Barden (Agatha), John Last (Tourist)
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