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May 05, 2017 | Di Bonaventura Pictures | 98 minutes
Directed by: Michael Apted | Written by: Peter O'Brien | Cinematography: George Richmond | Editing: Andrew MacRitchie | Costume Design: Bojana Nikitovic | Production Design: Ondrej Nekvasil | Music: Stephen Barton
Alice Racine (Noomi Rapace) lives a quiet life in London. Once the best interrogator in the CIA, Alice failed to unlock a prisoner in time to save the lives of several people, prompting her to leave the field and become a caseworker. When the CIA apprehends a suspect who is believed to have direct knowledge of an imminent terrorist attack, Alice is called in unexpectedly. Quickly realizing she has been set-up, she narrowly escapes, and finds herself on the run.
Cast: Noomi Rapace (Alice Racine), Orlando Bloom (Jack Alcott), Toni Collette (Emily Knowles), Michael Douglas (Eric Lasch), John Malkovich (Bob Hunter), Akshay Kumar (Salim), Adelayo Adedayo (Noma), Tosin Cole (Amjad), Jessica Boone (Romley's Assistant), Aymen Hamdouchi (Lateef el hajjam), Brian Caspe (Ed Romley), Philip Brodie (Wilson)
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