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Alien: Covenant

August 04, 2017 | 20th Century Fox | 122 minutes
Directed by: Ridley Scott | Written by: Michael Green, John Logan, Jack Paglen | Cinematography: Dariusz Wolski | Editing: Pietro Scalia | Costume Design: Janty Yates | Production Design: Chris Seagers | Music: Jed Kurzel
Ridley Scott returns to the universe he created in "Alien" with "Alien: Covenant", the second chapter in a prequel trilogy that began with "Prometheus". Bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, the crew of the colony ship Covenant discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world - whose sole inhabitant is the synthetic David, survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition. An uncredited Noomi Rapace is briefly featured in her "Prometheus" character Dr. Elizabeth Shaw.
Cast: Michael Fassbender (David / Walter), Katherine Waterston (Daniels), Billy Crudup (Oram), Danny McBride (Tennessee), Demián Bichir (Lope), Carmen Ejogo (Karine), Jussie Smollett (Ricks), Callie Hernandez (Upworth), Amy Seimetz (Faris), Nathaniel Dean (Hallett), Alexander England (Ankor), Benjamin Rigby (Ledward), Uli Latukefu (Cole), Tess Haubrich (Rosenthal), Lorelei King (Voice of Mother)
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