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November 04, 2016 | Ambi Pictures | 101 minutes
Directed by: Steven Shainberg | Written by: Steven Shainberg, Brian Nelson | Cinematography: Karim Hussain | Editing: Michele Conroy | Costume Design: Linda Muir | Production Design: Jeremy Reed | Music: Nathan Larson
Renee Morgan (Noomi Rapace), a single mom who lives with her son Evan in a quiet suburban home, is terrified of spiders. Unbeknownst to both, their every move is being observed. While running her daily errands, her car breaks down and she is violently kidnapped by a group of strangers. About 24 hours later, in an anonymous laboratory, she is tied up and questioned about her medical history, including her great fear of spiders.
Cast: Noomi Rapace (Renee), Michael Chiklis (Bald Man), Kerry Bishé (Dianne), Peter Stormare (Terrence), Ari Millen (Dr. Raxlen), Lesley Manville (Dr. Nyman), Sergio Di Zio (Van Driver), Morgan Kelly (Tommy), Mayko Nguyen (Stacey), Percy Hynes White (Evan), Andrew Moodie (Ian), Jonathan Potts (Blake), Brendan Jeffers (Seth), Jean Yoon (Colette), Joel Labelle (Captive Man)
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