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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

December 16, 2011 | Warner Bros. | 129 minutes
Directed by: Guy Ritchie | Written by: Michele Mulroney, Kieran Mulroney | Literature: Arthur Conan Doyle
Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) and Dr. John Watson (Jude Law) match wits with their arch-nemesis, the criminal genius Moriarty (Jared Harris), who is not only intellectual equal, but his capacity for evil. Mixing business with pleasure, Holmes encounters Madame Simza Heron (Noomi Rapace), a Gypsy fortune teller, who sees more than she is telling. Holmes barely manages to save her life and, in return, she reluctantly agrees to help him.
Cast: Robert Downey Jr. (Sherlock Holmes), Jude Law (John Watson), Noomi Rapace (Simza Heron), Rachel McAdams (Irene Adler), Jared Harris (James Moriarty), Stephen Fry (Mycroft Holmes), Paul Anderson (Colonel Sebastian Moran), Kelly Reilly (Mary Watson), Geraldine James (Mrs. Hudson), Eddie Marsan (Lestrade)
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