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October 11, 2007 | TV4
Directed by: Erik Leijonborg, Molly Hartleb, Johan Tappert | Written by: Lars Lundström | Cinematography: Calle Persson, Trolle Davidson, M. Wieser | Editing: Tomas Beije, Hélène Berlin, Mattias Morheden | Music: Mikael Karlsson
Fredrik (Jonas Malmsjö) lives a comfortable and quiet life with his family, but yearns a bit for a change. Zahra (Meliz Karlge di Grado) is a smart lawyer, who has renounced both love and family in favor of her career. Auto mechanic Jonny (Bjorn Bengtsson) has a good job and the woman of his life, awaiting their first child. Jonny is happier than he could ever dream of. Filippa (Isabelle Moreau) is one of the best and most valued nurses in her hospital. And businessman Carl (Robert Jelinek) is one of Sweden's wealthiest and at the peak of his career. They are five young urbanites, satisfied with her life, and with full control over their lives. Do they believe. When Fredrik's father Henry (Ulf Brunet) reaches to his son to tell him that he is suffering from a deadly disease, everything changes...
Cast: Jonas Malmsjö (Fredrik), Karin Bergquist (Louise), Isabelle Moreau (Filippa), Björn Bengtsson (Jonny), Robert Jelinek (Carl), Mirja Turestedt (Miranda), Per Morberg (Stig), Jonas Inde (Hanson), Christer Fant (Per), Noomi Rapac (Nicky), Meliz Karlge (Zahra)
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