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October 11, 2007 - Decemer 27, 2007 | TV4 | 12 episodes á 45 minutes
Directed by: Erik Leijonborg, Molly Hartleb, Johan Tappert | Written by: Lars Lundström | Cinematography: Calle Persson, Trolle Davidson, M. Wieser | Editing: Tomas Beije, Hélène Berlin, Mattias Morheden | Music: Mikael Karlsson
Fredrik (Jonas Malmsjö) lives a comfortable life with his family. Zahra (Meliz Karlge di Grado) is a lawyer, who has renounced love and family in favor of her career. Jonny (Bjorn Bengtsson) has a good job as an Auto mechanic. Filippa (Isabelle Moreau) is one of the most valued nurses in her hospital. And Carl (Robert Jelinek) is one of Sweden's wealthiest businessmen. They are five young urbanites with full control over their lives. But when Fredrik's father Henry (Ulf Brunet) reaches to his son to tell him that he is suffering from a deadly disease, everything changes...
Cast: Miranda Perez (Mirja Turestedt), Goran Bolinder (Fredrik Dolk), Sofi Ramhäll (Linda Zilliacus), Sandra Ramhäll (Hedda Wachtmeister), Kasper Ramhäll (Dexter Ericsson), Meriam Haidari (Mine Azarian), Besym Haidari (Hassan Brijany), Same Haidari (Danilo Bejarano), Akram Haidari (Hassan Jafari), Nino Haidari (Armand Mirpour), Louise Hermelin (Karin Bergquist), Gabriella Hermelin (Alexandra Nekrassova), Fredrika Hermelin (Victoria Genberg), Monica Hermelin (Karin Bergquist), Henry Strolz (Ulf Brunnberg), Path (Per Morberg), Hanson (Jonas Inde), Per (Christopher Fant), Nicky (Noomi Rapace)

Production Notes

The 12-part series was heavily promoted as TV4’s biggest – and most expensive – drama venture ever and was a collaboration between TV4 and the Swedish Film Industry. At the time it was rumored to have cost SEK 50 million to produce, which remained unconfirmed by TV4. However, “Labyrint” was a viewing flop. Screenwriter Lars Lundström called the series “a television series that does not fall within any given genre. We want to find our own tone, our own expression, and Labyrinth will be both exciting, dramatic, engaging, funny and unpredictable”. The series had already been sold on to channels in Norway, Denmark and Finland before it premiered. The five main roles featured Jonas Malmsjö, Robert Jelinek, Isabelle Moraeu, Björn Bengtsson and Meliz Karlge di Grado. In total, there were over 14 recurring characters. “Labyrint” was accompanied by 12 so-called mobisodes, which were shown exclusively online. Noomi Rapace appeared in seven of those.

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