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Enhälligt beslut

April 19, 2006 | Ikiru | 14 minutes
Directed by: Björn Engström | Written by: Björn Engström | Cinematography: Marek Wieser | Editing: Björn Engström | Music: Anna Skagersten
A meeting of top-level politicians in a European city, in a time that could be the present. Defence Minister Sandra (Lia Boysen) finds herself trapped in her hotel room by a woman (Noomi Rapace) with a gun, and a tense period of waiting begins. But what are they waiting for? And will any of them get out of the room alive? "Enhälligt beslut" ("Unanimous Decision" in its international release) had its world-premiere at the Dresden International Film Festival and then toured film festivals in Germany, Belgium, Canada, the USA and Sweden.
Cast: Lia Boysen (Sandra), Noomi Rapace (Amira), Stephania Ergati (flickan), Isabel Munshi (utlandsreportern), Kajsa Ernst (studioreportern), Anette Svensson (studioreporterns röst)
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