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September 30, 2003 | SVT
Directed by: Erik Leijonborg | Written by: Lars Lundström | Costume Design: Mia Ögren | Production Design: Anna Eltvik
Hoffa (Ola Rapace), Hamid (Danilo Bejarano) and Nicke (Shanti Roney) are typical Swedish working class people. But they all want to be that successful person who drives a Mercedes Benz. And the money their firm cashing in is not enough for luxury. So they decide to get faster money, but not legal money. Noomi Rapace appeaered opposite husband Ola Rapace in the second season's fith episode.
Cast: Ola Rapace (Hoffa), Anja Lundqvist (Annelie), Jakob Eklund (Petter), Magnus Krepper (Patrik), Sofia Helin (Anna), Bisse Unger (Max), Olga Wollgård (Lina), Margreth Weivers (Greta), Katarina Ewerlöf (Sara), Ivan Mathias Petersson (Tobias), Donald Högberg (Tobias pappa), Maria Antoniou (Lärarinna), Noomi Rapace (Caregiver), Nanny Nilsson (Dagisfröken), Thomas Segerström (Advokat)
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