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August 29, 2003 | Triangle Art Film Production AB | 90 minutes
Directed by: Reza Bagher | Written by: Reza Bagher | Literature: Max Lundgren | Cinematography: Håkan Holmberg | Editing: Fredrik Morheden | Costume Design: Marianne Lunderquist | Production Design: Aïda Kalnins | Music: Adam Nordén, Jean-Paul Wall
Seventeen-year-old Henrik (Linus Nilsson) lives a perfectly normal life until his mother dies. Unable to cope with the new situation, Henrik’s father (Rolf Lassgård) beings to neglect the children. The children learn how to manage their lives without a mother. However, the tide turns when Elvira (Noomi Rapace, then Norén) walks into the apartment – and straight into Henrik’s heart. Not only does Elvira give him the support he so desperately needs.
Cast: Linus Nilsson (Henrik), Rolf Lassgård (Goran), Noomi Rapace (Elvira), Matias Bergsten (Oliver), Moraea Myrgren-Johansson (Johanna), Carina Johansson (Henrik's Mother), Kerstin Andersson (Solveig), Siw Erixon (Eva-Britt), Hugo Emretsson (Hugo), Lisa Fry (Nina), Gustaf Hammarsten (Ulf), Maja Herrström (Kattis)
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