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Stora Teatern

October 21, 2002 | SVT1 | 4 episodes á 60 minutes
Directed by: Richard Looft | Written by: Richard Looft, Petra Revenue | Cinematography: Mats Olofsson | Editing: Patrick Austen | Costume Design: Ann Bonander-Looft | Production Design: Birgitta Brensén
In this four-part miniseries, the great director at Stora Teatern (the Grand Theatre) has died, and it creates a chaos in the theatre. It all becomes an absurd drama filled with power plays, love, sex and intrigue.
Cast: Harald Lönnbro (Mats), Anja Lundqvist (Garderobiärskan), Antti Reini (Näslund), Gunilla Abrahamsson (Aurore), Peter Engman (Anders), Lia Boysen (Anita), Björn Granath (Göran), Agneta Ekmanner (Gertrud), Johan Rabaeus (Reino), Per Oscarsson (Berra), Harriet Andersson (Estrid), Thomas Hellberg (Generalen), Emil Forselius (Hampus), Ulf Friberg (Jan), Sverrir Gudnason (Oliver), Malin Berghagen (Sonja), Magnus Roosmann (Magnus), Leif Andrée (Garderobiärskans älskare), Åsa Kalmér (Journalisten), Anki Larsson (Lärarinnan), Noomi Rapace (Fatima)
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