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November 05, 2001 | SVT1 | 3 episodes á 60 minutes
Directed by: Simon Kaijser | Written by: Pernilla Oljelund | Cinematography: Jan-Hugo Norman | Editing: Agneta Scherman | Costume Design: Ewa Mark | Production Design: Chris Collins-Peters, Fredric Grecke | Music: Jon Rekdal
A three-part mini-series about one year in the life of a normal family in Stockholm, as told from the perspective of 19-year old Joel (Erik Johansson).
Cast: Erik Johansson (Joel Hallberg), Catherine Hansson (Marianne Hallberg), Lennart Jähkel (Björn Hallberg), Lena Strömberg (Gabi Hallberg), Suzanne Ernrup (Tina), Stefan Sauk (Hans), Anders Nyström (Tage), Monica Nielsen (Maud), Ivan Mathias Petersson (Pierre Bouveng), Kirsti Eline Torhaug (Cathrine Gramer), Noomi Rapace (Marika Nilsson), Christer Fant (Glenn Jakobsson), Oliver Loftéen (Isak), David Boati (Sudden), Catharina Cavalli (Sofia, tärnan), Brasse Brännström (Präst), Ulf Friberg (Bildbyråns VD), Steve Kratz (Bestman), Lena Strömdahl (Logoped), Pontus Gårdinger (Johannes, blivande pappa), Moa Gammel (En tjej), Erik Ljung (Johan)
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In-depth recaps, screencaptures and background information on each episode.

Production Notes

In the 3-part miniseries, Noomi plays Marika, a young girl who currently who works as a receptionist. She has not yet decided what direction in life she wants and therefore takes odd jobs and studies a little. “The uncertainty is also in the love life,” Noomi said in an interview on SVT’s website in 2001. “Marika has a boyfriend with whom she has been flirting back and forth, but they have decided to have a break.” Noomi describes Marika as somewhat lost and searching without any clear will. “She comes from home of divorce, is a bit lonely and takes what she gets. At the same time, she is not silly, but has difficulty with the basic choices in life, and likes to act only when she knows how things are.” In terms of similarities to her character, Noomi says that in many ways she is the exact opposite of Marika. Noomi considers Marika to be quite weak-willed and pale for her taste. “I prefer to hang out with people who take a stand, who push and take the consequences of their actions. Otherwise, it’s easy for me to become too pushy and for an imbalance to arise.”

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