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2000 | Teater Plaza
Directed by: Thorsten Flinck | Literature: August Strindberg
The story surrounds the conflict of interest between The Captain and his wife, Laura. The Captain is an ex-military hero and a well respected scientist who fights with his wife about how to raise their daughter, Bertha. Both know Bertha cannot be raised in the Captain's household; however, the Captain wants her to be raised as an atheist in the city, whereas Laura wants her daughter to have a different destiny, perhaps as an artist. Swedish law at the time prevents Laura's wishes about her daughter's future to be followed, so she frames the Captain to be mentally insane in order to win the decision over her daughter's future. In order to make the Captain go insane, she introduces the idea that for all he knows, Bertha may not even be his daughter - implying that she had been unfaithful.
Cast: Noomi Norén (Bertha)
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