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Tre Kronor

January 29, 1997 | TV4 | 12 episodes á 50 minutes
Directed by: Peter Nicolaisen | Written by: Cilla Jackert, Michael Hancock | Literature: Peter Emanuel Falck, Christian Wikander | Production Design: Kenneth Høiseth Kolberg | Music: Lasse Holm
This beloved 100+ episodes Swedish soap opera, running from 1994 to 1999, follows the families in the small community of Mälarviken, Stockholm. The sports center, Tre kronor, is the central gathering point where the young people train and many of the parents work. Noomi Rapace, then Noomi Norén, appeared as young runaway Lucinda Gonzales in 12 episodes throughout 1997.
Cast: Christina Schollin (Birgitta Wästberg), Niklas Olund (Hans-Åke Wästberg), Tommy Bolin (River Wästberg), Bertram Heribertson (Reine Gustavsson), Ing-Marie Carlsson (Mimmi Gustavsson), Mona Andersson (Gunvor Gustavsson), Björn Bjelfvenstam (Verner Johnsson), Mikael Rundquist (Kent Gustavsson), Cecilia Häll (Pamela Karlsson), Bengt Järnblad (Kaj Lindgren), Jonatan Rodriguez (Taggen Lindgren), Polly Kisch (Alva Lindgren), Tina Leijonberg (Pilla Frisk), Fredag Lundqvist (Hugo Frisk), Zoe Larsson (Moa Lindgren), Catherine Hansson (Lena Sjökvist), Paola Oscarsson (Agneta Larsson), Sanna Ekman (Katta Nilsson), Dan Malmer (Bamse Lindstedt), Tomas Laustiola (Charlie Bärnsten), Emil Lindroth (Jojje Bärnsten), Johanna Sällström (Victoria Bärnsten), Mugambwa Sseruwagi (Abby Sali), Sanna Bråding (Tanja Bengtsdotter), Noomi Norén (Lucinda Gonzales), Vivianna Eliasson (Gina Persson), Kalle Heino (Bengt Kassler)
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