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Sanning Eller Konsekvens

October 17, 1997 | CO Film AB | 77 minutes
Directed by: Christina Olofson | Written by: Christina Olofson, Annika Thor | Cinematography: Robert Nordström | Editing: Christina Olofson, Stefan Sundlöf | Costume Design: Ann-Sofie Holmstedt | Production Design: Hans Wannberg | Music: Johan Zachrisson
The holidays are over and Nora (Tove Edfeldt) is starting in a new class. She is 12 years old and is in the uncertain borderland between childhood and the teenage world. Karin (Anna Gabrielsson), who is different from the other girls, stands on the sidelines. She is harassed by the trendy pair Fanny (Alexandra Dahlström) and Sabina (Emelina Lindberg), and even by Nora. Nora is drawn into a spiral of intrigue and finds it more and more difficult to choose.
Cast: Tove Edfeldt (Nora), Emelina Lindberg-Filippoupoullou (Sabina), Anna Gabrielsson (Karin), Alexandra Dahlström (Fanny), Ellen Swedenmark (Emma), Katja Steinholtz Skog (Maja), Totte Steneby (Tobbe), Fredrik Ådén (Emil), Bobbo Steneby (Jonas), Suzanne Reuter (Gunilla), Noomi Norén (Nadja)
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