Time Magazine (2011)
Great Performers: Noomi Rapace
February 10, 2011 | Written by Richard Corliss, Mary Pols
A king and a terrorist. A tattooed hacker and a crazy mama. They may lose an arm or a spouse, become a billionaire or a vigilante, but the actors we celebrate here are sorcerers who, by pouring self into story, created indelible characters worth admiring or reviling and always worth treasuring

For a year and a half, she poured such fury and craft, so much of herself, into Lisbeth Salander the tattooed hacker in the three Swedish films of Stieg Larsson's best sellers that friends told her, "You've been in there a while now, Noomi. Maybe it's time to come out." And when the shoot was over, she says, "my body just threw her out from me. I was sick for a week." The trilogy was a worldwide hit, and Rapace, 31, was the great new face of 2010. She won't reprise Lisbeth in the U.S. remake, but it'd be a shame if Hollywood let this 21st century Garbo stay in Sweden.

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