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  Frederik     May 18, 2012     1 Comment

Noomi Rapace headlines “Quiet Eye,” the latest viral video released in service of “Prometheus” as 20th Century Fox prepares fans for the film’s June 8 release. Rapace introduces herself in the “classified” crew file as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, an archaeologist with an array of academic knowledge. But what is happening on that split screen? Who are all of those ladies, and how do they tie in to Shaw and the Prometheus mission? Also, a new international poster for “Prometheus” has been added to the gallery.
  Frederik     May 14, 2012     Comment?

A second and third featurette on “Prometheus” have been recently launched. I have combined them with the first featurette and added to the video archive – so instead of having numerous short videos there is now one extensive featurette, ready to get extended :-) Enjoy the new scenes and interview bits.

  Frederik     April 30, 2012     Comment?

A new Prometheus international trailer has surfaced, revealing more plots details about the much-anticipated Ridley Scott sci-fi ahead of its release in June. The trailer – which debuted on Channel 4 last night – gives further hints about the film’s rumoured links with the world Scott created in his groundbreaking 1979 sci-fi Alien. Be warned though: it’s not for the timid, and includes spoilers.

  Frederik     April 27, 2012     1 Comment

A first featurette video about the making of “Prometheus” has been released. While the clip is rather brief, lots of new scenes and shots from the set are featured, including a new interview with Noomi. The featurette can be watched in the video archive – HD screencaptures have been added to the gallery.

  Frederik     March 31, 2012     Comment?

“Babycall” is released in many European countries throughout April and June – in the UK on March 30, France on May 2, Sweden on May 18 and in Germany on June 14. Three clips from the film (in its original language, with French subtitles) have been added to the video archive.

  Frederik     March 19, 2012     Comment?

Just a day after the long awaited theatrical trailer for “Prometheus”, an international trailer has been launched as well, featuring lots of new scenes. Have a look at it in the video archive. Many thanks to Saul for the heads-up!

  Frederik     March 17, 2012     2 Comments

The FULL theatrical trailer for “Prometheus” has been launched, and all I can say is WOW!!! The previous teasers have given a pretty good look at what to expect, but the full trailer is simply mindblowing, what an amazing project for Noomi and everyone involved. Have a look at the trailer in the video archive. HD screencaptures have been added to the gallery as well.