elcome to Noomi Rapace Online. A fan site dedicated to the swedish actress Noomi Rapace, celebrated for her performances on the big screen. She's best know for her roles in swedish version of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo", Alien's prequel Prometheus, Netflix's What Happened to Monday and many more. Our goal is bring you with latest up-to-date info, photos and media on her. Please bookmark us and return for your daily Noomi fix.
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  Frederik     March 29, 2014     1 Comment

The first production stills for “The Drop” have been released and Noomi is featured in three of them. You can find all new pictures in the gallery. “The Drop” releases US theaters on September 19, 2014.

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The Dagens Nyheter has released a fantastic new interview with Noomi last week. She talks about the current shooting of “Alive Alone” and some other unconfirmed projects in development. The interview is accompanied by four wonderful new studio pictures of Noomi. You can read the original Swedish version here and the auto-translated English version here here.

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DVD screencaptures from the “Labyrint” mini-series have been added with many thanks to Emma.

Gallery > Career – Labyrint – Season 01 Episode 01 – Blue
Gallery > Career – Labyrint – Season 01 Episode 02 – Hemligheter
Gallery > Career – Labyrint – Season 01 Episode 03 – Borta