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  Frederik     July 07, 2013     Comment?

While US audiences have to wait for a theatrical release until late August, “Passion” has already been launched on DVD and Blu-Ray in France. Over 1.600 Blu-Ray screencaptures from the film have been added to the gallery. If you haven’t seen the film, please be aware that the captures contain spoilers. Many thanks to Lindsey, without whom the coverage on “Passion” wouldn’t have been as complete and as much fun, so thank you very much. Enjoy the captures.

  Frederik     July 01, 2013     Comment?

Today, the US trailer for “Passion” has been released – exactly the one shown by Entertainment Tonight two days ago. Additionally, I’ve added three clips from the film to the video archive. Two scenes feature Isabelle (Noomi) and her boss Christine (Rachel McAdams). The third clip sheds some light on Isabelle’s relationship with her assistant Dani (Karoline Herfurth). The clips are all rather brief, but worth to get you in the mood for the film’s August 30 release in the USA (it will release theatrically and on VOD). In case you can play R2 DVDs, you can also get French release of the DVD and Blu-Ray over at Amazon.

  Frederik     June 28, 2013     Comment?

Yesterday, Entertainment Tonight has premiered the US trailer for “Passion”. It differs from the international trailer we already know – and beware that it’s even more spoilerish, for those who haven’t seen the original (or the remake’s international release). Many thanks to Lindsey for the heads-up! Alongside the trailer, which will surely be launched in full these coming days, a couple of new stills and on-set pictures from the film have been added as well, according to “Passion”‘s official Facebook site.

  Frederik     May 18, 2013     Comment?

Thanks to Lindsey for the heads-up that “Passion” will be released in August of this year in the U.S, according to its distributor’s Twitter. The official facebook account for the movie mentions August 1st VOD release and August 31st theatrical release, but those seem generic dates. Let’s hope we will get an official announcement with firm release dates soon.

  Frederik     April 30, 2013     Comment?

A bunch of new production stills as well as an on-set picture from “Passion” have been added to the gallery with many thanks to Lindsey.

  Frederik     April 19, 2013     Comment?

Some more on-set pictures and a new production still from “Passion” have been added to the gallery. Enjoy.

  Frederik     March 24, 2013     Comment?

A six minutes featurette on “Passion” has been released, including interviews with Brian DePalma, Rachel McAdams, Noomi Rapace and Karoline Herfurth, and featuring lots of scenes from the film throughout. Please be aware that the scenes might contain spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the original film, be warned :-) Many thanks to Lindsey for the heads-up.