Jun 05

Screencaptures from three of Noomi’s films – Babycall, Dead Man Down and Passion – have been re-added to the photo gallery in better Blu-Ray quality. It was quite interesting revisiting these projects which were made in the first couple of years after Noomis “Millennium” breakout – here you have a chilling Nordic thriller, a very generic American actioner and a very stylish arthouse retro by Brian DePalma. If you haven’t seen them in a while, I’d recommend any of those for a rainy Sunday afternoon. Enjoy.

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Jul 10

As reported yesterday, “Dead Man Down” has been released on Blu-Ray and DVD. And with many thanks to Daphne, I’ve added over 1.500 Blu-Ray captures to the gallery. Please be aware that the captures may contain spoilers in case you haven’t seen the film yet. Enjoy the captures.

Jul 09

“Dead Man Down” is being released on DVD and Blu-Ray in the USA today. Victor (Colin Farrell), a professional killer and the right hand man to an underground crime lord in New York City (Terrence Howard), is seduced and blackmailed by Beatrice (Noomi Rapace), a crime victim seeking retribution. Directed by Niels Arden Oplev, who helmed the original “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, the disc includes three features on the making of the film. Make sure to grab your copy. To learn more about “Dead Man Down”, have a look at the recently updated career page, including production notes and all essential information on the film. Additionally, five new stills have been added to the image library.

Mar 09

Here’s a nice collection of recent interviews that Noomi did with various magazines and online sources. They’re all very in-depth and feature an insightful look on “Dead Man Down”, her career so far and her films ahead (inlcuding “Passion”, “Animal Rescue” and “Child 44”) The complete collection of recently added interviews can be found below.

03.2013 The Los Angeles Times Noomi Rapace, director team for more darkness
03.2013 Esquire Q&A: Noomi Rapace
03.2013 NBC Bay Area Noomi Rapace muses on “Dead Man Down”
03.2013 Indie Wire How Noomi Rapace became a global movie star
03.2013 Indie Wire Noomi Rapace talks Dead Man Down
03.2013 Collider Noomi Rapace talks Dead Man Down
03.2013 Moviefone Noomi Rapace on Re-Teaming With Dragon Tattoo…
03.2013 The Wall Street Journal The Original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Strikes Again
Mar 09

Although there have been quite some interviews – in print and on video – to promote this Friday’s release of “Dead Man Down”, reviews have been surprisingly rare. You would think that a mainstream-looking thriller (judging from the trailer) with Colin Farrell would create a buzz beforehand, but only a few reviews have been published yesterday and today about the film. So far, they come off rather mixed, as you can see from below’s excerpts.

USA Today, Claudia Puig
As a gritty thriller, Dead Man Down doesn’t stand out among its bullet-riddled brethren. It’s more notable for its weird moments and strange obsessions. Two that jump out are a repeated discussion of Tupperware and packs of exceptionally nasty children who attack a mildly scarred woman and tauntingly call her “Monster.” Dead Man Down seeks to come to a final resting place of redemption. But an attempt at an uplifting ending rings hollow after the antics of voracious rats and scores of ammo sent whizzing. Despite a talented international cast, Dead Man Down falls flat.

CBS, Bill Wine
As a dish best served cold, revenge can be a meal in itself. It’s certainly the entrée in the just-deserts drama Dead Man Down, which offers a shaky beginning and ending but a terrific middle. We already know that Rapace is an astonishingly skilled actress and she doesn’t disappoint here, combining moving vulnerability and red-hot anger, while Farrell is impressively expressive with his less-is-more approach to his taciturn character.

The Washington Post, Michael O’Suvillan
In many ways, “Dead Man Down” is a boilerplate revenge thriller. The story of two haunted and damaged loners drawn together by their mutual desire for vengeance (albeit against two different villains) features several of the signature moves of the genre. As she did with “Dragon Tattoo’s” Lisbeth Salander, Rapace brings a convincing intensity to a part that requires her to be, essentially, a kind of gleeful psychopath. Rather than going to therapy, she blackmails Victor into becoming her personal hit man after she spies him killing a stranger on his balcony.

The Huffington Post, Scott Mendelson
Up until the very end of the picture, Dead Man Down is a mostly serviceable crime drama. It has fine work from Colin Farrell and Noomi Rapace along with worthwhile supporting turns by Terrance Howard and the always appreciated Domonic Cooper. It doesn’t set out to turn heads or reinvent the wheel, but it tells its grim story of revenge and tortured romance with just enough aplomb to merit a casual viewing.

Just as I was wondering why there is rather little to no promotion on “Dead Man Down”s theatrical release in the USA, regarding reviews and big interviews, I came across Ryan Adams’ article on Awards Daily on how “Dead Man Down” has managed to build buzz without being prominently featured by media outlets before its release. “[…] the buzz is interesting. A controversial youtube video called “Elevator Murder Experiment” has gone viral with over 2.6 million views, and even though 93% of readers responding on Rotten Tomatoes say want to see it there are no legitimate mainstream reviews at all yet on RT or metacritic. Dead Man Down is directed by Niels Arden Oplev, making his American film debut alongside former collaborators Noomi Rapace and composer Jacob Groth who wrote the score for Oplev’s first adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Colin Farrell, Noomi Rapace, Terrence Howard, Dominic Cooper and Isabelle Huppert lead a top-notch cast. So why the lockdown on reviews? […] part of the answer may be that anticipation for Dead Man Down is building just fine without reviews. The complete article can be read here.

Mar 07

New pictures have been added to the gallery. The first set comes from the “Apple Soho Store Presents Meet the Actor: Noomi Rapace” which took place on March 05. The second beautiful set of pictures comes from the Los Angeles press junket for “Dead Man Down” and features Noomi Rapace and Niels Arden Oplev. Many thanks to Daphne for the heads-up. Edit: Additional pictures from the Apple SoHo Store panel have been added, with many thanks to Marina.

Mar 06

Lots of new video clips for “Dead Man Down”, which releases US theaters this Friday, have been added to the video archive. The new additions include compilations of promotional interviews, the Los Angeles premiere, two clips as well as a new Red Band trailer. To watch the new clips, simply click one of the previews below.

Feb 28

Yesterday, Noomi and the cast and crew of “Dead Man Down” have attended the film’s premiere in Beverly Hills. There has been a lot of coverage and talk about the “Prometheus” sequel (check back for an in-depth update this weekend) and lots of fantastic new images. Over 300 pictures from the premiere have been added to the gallery.

Feb 23

The media promotion for “Dead Man Down”s early March release continues with a new still, a clip featuring Noomi Rapace and Colin Farrell and a new featurette, focusing on Noomi and her character. A new still of “Passion” has been added as well. Many thanks to Marina for the heads-up.

Feb 17

Some great new production stills, alongside a new poster, for “Dead Man Down” have been added to the gallery with many thanks to Marina for sending them in. Also, a new still from “Passion” has been added with many thanks to Lindsey. Edit: More stills from “Dead Man Down” have been added with many thanks to Daphne. There’s also a new poster from Italy and a new poster for “Passion” from Hong Kong.