Mar 09

Exciting news. During the recent promotion for “Dead Man Down”, Noomi has confirmed both “Animal Rescue” – which is already shooting – as well as “Child 44” as her upcoming projects. In an interview with Rotten Tomatoes, Rapace has reviewed her five favorite films of all times, including director Michaël R. Roskam’s thriller “Bullhead”, the Belgian thriller starring Matthias Schoenaerts, that was nominated as Best Foreign Language film at the Academy Awards last year.

I love the movie Bullhead. I’m working with the director now. He’s kind of putting the light into a business, a very dirty business – it’s not the cool gangsters, it’s not the kind of sexy gangster world; it’s the gritty, very uncharming world of criminals working in the meat industry in Belgium. And the whole backstory to this lead guy is so incredible. I was in tears a couple of times when I saw it. And now I’m gonna work with Matthias [Schoenaerts] and with Michaël R. Roskam, who directed it.

In an interview with Esquire, she has mentioned “Animal Rescue” as well, alongside the next project, “Child 44”:

Q: You’re in New York shooting Animal Rescue, which is your second movie with Tom Hardy? A: No, actually this is the first, and then we do Child 44 after that. Q: Did you know him before you signed on to two movies with him? A: Yeah, I knew him, he’s a friend of mine. We’ve been trying to find something to do because I think he’s such an amazing actor and I adore him as a person. Then we both read the script, and it’s amazing. I love it. It’s based on a short novel by Dennis Lehane, who wrote Mystic River. It’s a light comedy and my character is a very cute girl-next-door. No, actually it’s a drama, but I was kind of laughing out loud when I was reading the script a couple of times, because I found it funny. It’s dark, of course.

Both projects sound very interesting with talented people behind, so there’s two more films to look forward to.

Jan 31

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace are in negotiations for yet another collaboration – “Child 44”, a Soviet-era thriller being produced by Ridley Scott and Michael Costigan via the Scott Free banner. Daniel Espinosa is directing the thriller, which is set during the 1950s and follows a member of the Soviet police who, while investigating a series of child murders, finds himself the target of his own government’s suspicions. Hardy would play the Soviet officer, while Rapace would play his wife, who pretends to be a doting partner but is concealing many thoughts and feelings. The two will first work together on Fox Searchlight’s drama Animal Rescue, which is due to shoot in March, before segueing to Child 44, which is eyeing a start in Budapest toward the end of May.