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  Frederik     August 17, 2012     Comment?

This evening, Noomi Rapace was awarded Best Actress for “Babycall” at the Amandaprisen, the Nordic Film Awards. “Babycall”, having received a total of seven nominations, also won Best Director Pal Sletaune. Kristofer Jonner, Noomi’s co-star in the film, was awarded Best Actor, although not for “Babycall” – for which he had received a supporting actor nomination – but for his leading performance in “Kompani Orheim”. Pictures from the awards ceremony have been added to the photo gallery with more to come.

  Frederik     August 17, 2012     Comment?

Over 900 DVD screencaptures of Noomi’s performance in the Norwegian thriller “Babycall” have been added to the photo gallery. My most sincere thanks to Alex for guiding the film to me. Thanks! Please note that these screencaptures feature spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the film, browse them at your own risk. Enjoy the new screencaptures.

  Frederik     June 22, 2012     Comment?

The nominations have been announced for the 28th Annual Amandaprisen (Amanda Awards) for the cinema of Norway. Leading the field with eight mentions was Pål Sletaune’s “Babycall”. The thriller has been nominated for Best Norwegian Film, Actress (Noomi Rapace), Supporting Actor (Kristoffer Joner), Screenplay, Cinematography, Production Design, Visual Effects, Editing and Sound Design. This year’s Amanda ceremony will be held on Saturday, August 17 at the Haugesund Concert Hall as part of the opening night celebrations of the Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund, Norway.

  Frederik     May 10, 2012     Comment?

“Babycall” arrives on DVD in the USA July 24th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment, entitled “The Monitor” for the US market. After escaping an abusive husband, Anna (Rapace) and her 8-year-old son move far away to a secret location. Terrified that her ex-husband will find them, she buys a baby monitor to keep in her son’s room at all times, but she soon discovers strange noises echoing through the monitor from elsewhere in the building. The DVD will come with deleted scenes.
  Frederik     March 31, 2012     Comment?

“Babycall” is released in many European countries throughout April and June – in the UK on March 30, France on May 2, Sweden on May 18 and in Germany on June 14. Three clips from the film (in its original language, with French subtitles) have been added to the video archive.

  Frederik     March 13, 2012     Comment?

The UK trailer for “Babycall” has been released. The 2011 thriller releases theaters in the United Kingdom on March 30. Anna (Noomi Rapace) and her 8-year old son, Anders, are on the run from Anders’ violent father. They move to a secret address in a giant apartment building. Anna is terrified that her ex-husband will find them and buys a babycall to make sure Anders is safe while he sleeps. But strange noises echoe in the babycall from elsewhere in the building. Anna overhears what she believes is the murder of a child.

  Frederik     December 20, 2011     Comment?

According to this source, “Babycall” will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray in Denmark on February 8, 2012. No further information on special features or further international releases. “Babycall” premiered in Norway on September 07, 2011 and was shown at the Rome International Film Festival, where Noomi won Best Actress for her performance. Other than a German release date for April 19, 2012, no other theatrical dates have been announced.