Mar 25

Noomi Rapace graces one of the ten virtual covers for Crash Magazine’s Resistance Issue, which is available to order from this week. Inside, according to the magazine, is an in depth interview with Rapace about her modest upbringing, her career and her most recent project, “Black Crab”. You can order the magazine in the Crash store, a preview of its featured editorial is below.

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Mar 06

Noomi is featured on the cover and inside this Saturday’s Två Dagar by the Göteborgs-Posten. Check out scans in the photo gallery.

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Jan 09

Happy New Year everybody. Noomi is featured on the cover and with an interview inside the January 2022 issue of the British Scan Magazine. The full interview can be read over on their website: For Rapace, acting is all about emotions, connections and getting to the heart of what makes people tick. As a devoted people watcher, she’s always been interested in knowing how people become the way they are – in “putting the puzzles together”. It’s something that feeds naturally into her craft and can make switching off, and finding Noomi again, quite difficult. “I haven’t really figured out that part yet,” she admits. “When I shot Lamb, María was living in me for the entire shoot. It’s not like I think I’m the character. You don’t need to call me by the character’s name. But she did take over my dreams, and my thoughts. My entire being was occupied by the character. I guess I just embrace it and let it happen.” While she’s better known these days for her film work, theatre is also very close to her heart. “The last time I was on stage, I played Medea and I did 50 shows. Coming home from killing my kids on stage every day, every night, was really brutal, so I had to take a proper break,” she says. “That was 14 years ago, but I feel like the urge to go back to the stage is starting to creep up on me. But, it needs to be with the right people. For me, acting is never about the role. I don’t want to play Macbeth or Blanche in A Street Car Named Desire. It’s all about collaborations. Who I’d love to work with. Who I would like to be on stage with. Who I would like to play with. Who I want to spend all those hours with.”

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Nov 14

The Hollywood Reporter has published an interview with Noomi Rapace and Valdimar Jóhannsson – too late for its theatrical release in October, but maybe just in time for the upcoming awards season. In A24’s Lamb, Noomi Rapace’s most memorable co-star is a half-human, half-sheep newborn named Ada. As Maria, who runs a farm with her husband (Hilmir Snaer Gudnason) in remote Iceland, Rapace weathered a logistically complicated shoot that included actual nightmares. The resulting film, helmed by first-time director Valdimar Jóhannsson, who co-wrote it with frequent Björk collaborator Sjón, is an eerie, intermittently funny slice of folk horror. Rapace and Jóhannsson spoke to THR about how they made the movie and why they resist the temptation to classify it as a genre film.

Maria is a heavy character. She’s been through a lot of anguish, and she’s desperate to be a parent.
Noomi Rapace: It’s brutal to open up yourself for the emotions of losing a child. When Valdimar and his producer came to London and gave me this divine, disturbing package of the script and his lookbook, and I started to explore this world, I knew that it was a brutal, beautiful world. I knew I would need to get lost in it somehow, and I accepted that. But there were also moments when we were shooting it where I wasn’t sure where Noomi ends and Maria starts. It was quite intense. I couldn’t really sleep. In the summer in Iceland, it doesn’t really get dark. I was losing my mind.

The complete article can be read over at the The Hollywood Reporter.

Nov 04

You can find Noomi on the cover of Sweden’s Di Weekend Friday issue. And if you can read Swedish, even better – head over to their website to read the interview. The cover and three outtakes have been added to the photo gallery: “Sedan succén med Män som hatar kvinnor för åtta år sedan har Noomi Rapace spelat in 18 filmer och flyttat till London. Nu till jul lanseras Netflix största produktion någonsin, filmen Bright, där Noomi Rapace spelar mot Will Smith. Samtidigt lanserar hon dessutom sin egen parfym.”

Sep 29

Over the past few weeks, three publications have announced Noomi to be their cover girl for their respective September and October issues. You’ll find Noomi on the covers of 10 Magazine (September 2017), The Fall (September 28, 2017) and Wylde Magazine (October 2017). Each appearance has been accompanied by some stunning new editorial pictures. Have a look at all new additions below.

Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – Wylde Magazine (USA, October 2017)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – The Fall (USA, September 28, 2017)
Photo Gallery – Articles & Scans – 10 Magazine (USA, September 2017)
Photo Gallery – Editorial Photography – 2017 – Session 10
Photo Gallery – Editorial Photography – 2017 – Session 11
Photo Gallery – Editorial Photography – 2017 – Session 12

Aug 18

Today’s release of “What Happened to Monday?” and the recent promotion of “Bright” at the San Diego Comic-Con has put Noomi on the spot for the past days – and on the pages of Vanity Fair Italia, Empire Magazine and The Red Bulletin. You can view all latest added scans by checking the thumbnails below. Many thanks to Marinka for the heads-up! Very appreciated.

Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Empire (United Kingdom, September 2017)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Vanity Fair (Italy, August 2017)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – The Red Bulletin (Mexico, September 2017)

Aug 18

Popsugar has posted a lengthy article for today’s Netflix premiere of “What Happened to Monday?”, including an interview with Noomi Rapace: The Swedish actress stars in the streaming network’s dystopian action flick, out Aug. 18, as identical septuplets named after each day of the week. All seven sisters have grown up living in hiding thanks to the government’s law restricting families to one child only due to overpopulation, so their grandfather (Willem Dafoe) allows them out of the house only on the day corresponding with their name. They’re able to maintain one public identity through adulthood, until a government agency led by the steely Glenn Close picks up on the scam. Monday doesn’t return home after her day out, and soon enough her sisters savagely work their way through a long line of agents (and end up getting picked off in gory fashion themselves) in an effort to save her.

[Tommy Wirkola] called me up and said, ‘So, Noomi, I have this project, I want you to read it. It’s actually seven brothers, but if you want to want to do it with me, because I can only imagine you doing this, I want to change it into women, to seven sisters.’ Then he sent me the script and I read it, and I called the next day saying, ‘OK. Absolutely, yes.’ But I was terrified,” she recalls. “It was like, ‘If this doesn’t work, it’s all on me.’ I stepped into this knowing that I had to do something I’ve never done before and no one’s done before, because it’s not seven clones. It’s not a person with multiple personalities. It’s actually seven different people.

Signing on to play a character who flings herself out of second story windows and chops off fingers is not an unusual choice for Rapace, who has steadily built her career around projects that allow the slight, 5’4″ star to fully embrace her physicality after a childhood spent practicing martial arts. “I don’t really go and chase [those roles],” Rapace tells me during a recent phone call. “I’m very drawn to physical parts because I like doing all of that and it’s always a fun ride, but it always needs to be coming out of a character and be character driven. When it’s just pure action, that doesn’t really do much for me. I like an action movie with real drama.” The complete article can be read here.

Jul 19

Noomi is featured in the current Malibu Magazine with a fantastic interview, by Felicity Martin, and a great new photoshoot. The last chapter remains the most interesting one: It’s not just the world of acting that Rapace is conquering. She’s just designed a clothing collection for a brand (“It’s very street, very hip-hop.”) She’s also launching a perfume later this year (“I’m doing a lot of stuff for fun,” she says). What I really want to know, however, is about the rumors she’s playing Amy Winehouse in an upcoming biopic. “Maybe … We’ll see. I’m involved in it, and I’m working on it, but all the components need to be right.” She smiles, explaining how, when they asked her to play Winehouse, she initially refused to read the script. “I have a strong connection to Amy. She was really present, her music, in the most critical moments of my life.” Rapace’s quest for perfection is particularly crucial on this project. “I can’t compromise on that one,” she urges. “The script needs to be amazing. It needs to be 100 percent. She is too important to me; my respect and love for her is just too important. It needs to be really brave and really honest and raw—and from my heart.” Rapace pours herself into all aspects of her career and life, from roles as villains or identical septuplets to perfume and key ring gifts for friends. There is no halfway. All considered, if Rapace eventually does tackle the role of Amy Winehouse, you can bet she’ll do it justice. The complete article can be read here.

Apr 21

UK fans make sure to grab your copy of the latest Empire Magazine, not only for a kick-ass cover story on Ridley Scott’s “Alien: Covenant” (no trace of Elizabeth Shaw) but also for a 4 page interview with Noomi Rapace featuring a stunning new editorial. A very interesting read. She talks a bit about preparing for each role with a new scent, confirms the upcoming collaboration with Ethan Hawke on “Stockholm”, and even a project that hasn’t been announced yet, about a female bodyguard. Digital scans have been added to the photo gallery.