elcome to Noomi Rapace Online. A fan site dedicated to the swedish actress Noomi Rapace, celebrated for her performances on the big screen. She's best know for her roles in swedish version of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo", Alien's prequel Prometheus, Netflix's What Happened to Monday and many more. Our goal is bring you with latest up-to-date info, photos and media on her. Please bookmark us and return for your daily Noomi fix.
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  Frederik     February 23, 2014     1 Comment

Welcome to new new layout of Noomi Rapace Online. The site is in its fourth year now, and it’s a coincidence this is our fourth layout as well, just in time to look forward to the four films starring Noomi to be released this year :-) All the content is still up, the gallery has received a little revamp as well. Browse around and enjoy your stay.

  Frederik     July 02, 2013     5 Comments

Welcome to the new version of Noomi Rapace Online. I wanted to give the site a fresher look, yet keep it simple and effective, as always :-) Besides the new layout, I’ve worked on all of the subpages as well and am going to focus on the career pages within the next updates. The filmography sites have been neglected a bit in the past, but with two very promsing films on the horizon – “Animal Rescue” and “Child 44” – it’s time to do some research and revamp the film pages with all essential information. The photo gallery and video archive has received matching layouts as well, so have a look and enjoy browsing. If you find any error, please let me know. And in case you like the new layout, let me know as well :-)

  Frederik     December 25, 2012     1 Comment

2012 has been a busy year for Noomi – and a very important one for her international career with her first leading role in an anticpated US production to emerge. But first, there was a theatrical release of “Babycall“, a thriller Noomi had done in Denmark in 2011. Although it was released already in the Nordic countries, the film released UK theaters in March 2012. The same month, Noomi started shooting “Passion” in Berlin with director Brian DePalma. The project was met with much interest due to its director and the premise of Noomi and Rachel McAdams playing the lead roles in an erotic mysterious thriller. Also in March, the trailer for “Prometheus” was launched – the film that would dominate Noomi’s year throughout. The trailer was accompanied by a lenghty article in Britain’s Empire Magazine, featuring Noomi – in character as Elizabeth Shaw – as their cover girl. An early premiere for “Prometheus” was held in Paris on April 10, with director Ridley Scott and the cast, including Michael Fassbender and Charlie Theron in attendance. More eagerly anticipated material for the film was released in April with a first featurette and lots of behind-the-scenes footage. In May, the “Prometheus” trio of Rapace, Fassbender and Theron graced the cover of the US Entertainment Weekly with another insightful article of the film, treated as one of the biggest Summer films of the year. Read More

  Frederik     May 28, 2012     5 Comments

Welcome to the new version of Noomi Rapace Online. No worries, it’s still the old site. But with the theatrical release of “Prometheus” this week in Europe and next week in the USA, I figured it would be the right timing to launch a new look for the site. All content is still up with updates being made to pretty much every page. Expect more additions to the gallery and video archives soon. Until then, please browse around and enjoy the new and modified Noomi Rapace Online.

  Frederik     October 24, 2011     Comment?

How about this – Noomi Rapace Online has been chosen as Fansite of the Day over at The Fan Carpet, a website covering cinema with latest news, pictures and videos. They have a profile on Noomi’s work as well. Thanks!

  Frederik     September 07, 2011     Comment?

Today, Noomi Rapace Online turns one year old! I’d like to take this opportunity – besides celebration – to thank those who’ve helped in making this fansite what it is after twelve short months. Klara has been a contributor in the early weeks of the site, sending in some great clips and magazine scans. Laura was kind enough to let me use parts of her Noomi material when she moved on from her own fansite. Alvaro, a long-time friend, has never hesitated to send in anything on Noomi he found. And the site would definately not be as complete and comprehensive today without the generous help of Emma, who’s contributed lots and lots of captures and rare finds that you will find throughout the site. To all of you – including everyone I’ve forgotten to mention here – a big thank you. And to the visitors, there will be two extensive updates later today to celebrate – so check back in time!

  Frederik     July 24, 2011     1 Comment

Something I wanted to add to Noomi Rapace Online since its opening was a special on the three Millennium films – and finally, it has been created. Head over for the special for all essential info on the films, the characters and its author, Stieg Larsson. Additionally, I made a tribute video for the three films to bring you into the mood to re-watch the films :-) Enjoy!