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Episode 2
SVT1  ·  58 minutes  ·  Original Broadcast: November 12, 2001

Directed by: Simon Kaijser  |  Written by: Pernilla Oljelund

Official synopsis: The changing year continues for Joel and his family. Father Bjorn moves in with Cathrine in an apartment in need of renovation. Mother Marianne begins a relationship with her brother-in-law Hans and begins a career as a food photographer. Grandma gets tired of looking after Grandpa and escapes to Italy, but returns again. Older sister Gabi marries Pierre, despite the family’s opposition. Joel finds his Marika online and invites her to his sister’s wedding. There he certainly gets rid of his virginity, but he loses Marika in the coup. The question is whether he can get her back.

Guest Cast: Catherine Hansson (Marianne Hallberg), Lennart Jähkel (Björn Hallberg), Erik Johansson (Joel Hallberg), Lena Strömberg (Gabi Hallberg), Suzanne Ernrup (Tina), Stefan Sauk (Hans), Anders Nyström (Tage), Monica Nielsen (Maud), Ivan Mathias Petersson (Pierre Bouveng), Kirsti Eline Torhaug (Cathrine Gramer), Noomi Rapace (Marika Nilsson), Christer Fant (Glenn Jakobsson), Oliver Loftéen (Isak), David Boati (Sudden), Catharina Cavalli (Sofia, tärnan), Brasse Brännström (Präst), Ulf Friberg (Bildbyråns VD), Steve Kratz (Bestman)