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Episode 4: Flickan som lekte med elden – Part 2
SVT  ·  90 minutes  ·  Original Broadcast: April 11, 2010

Directed by: Daniel Alfredson  |  Written by: Jonas Frykberg

Official synopsis: As Mikael continues to try to prove Lisbeth’s innocence to the police, Lisbeth continues to find the leader of the sex trafficking ring, but it may be the last person she would ever expect to see.

Additional scenes

Lisbeth discovers Zala: While hacking into Mikael’s laptop, Lisbeth reads his correspondence with the murdered Dag Svensson and stumbles upon “Zala”. While this name is a mystery to everyone involved, Lisbeth knows all too well who “Zala” is. This is a scene that doesn’t add much to the story for viewers not familiar with the books.

Lisbeth traces a connection to Niedermann: Due to her extremly good memory, Lisbeth knows that the murder suspect on the run, Ronald Niedermann, met with Bjurman before his death. Remembering his plate, she calls the car rental to find out who rented the car. This leads to the scene where she hijacks the car rental to get the needed information.

Guest Cast: Yasmine Garbi (Miriam Wu), Georgi Staykov (Alexander Zalachenko), Per Oscarsson (Holger Palmgren), Sunil Munshi (Dr. Sivarnandan), Micke Spreitz (Ronald Niedermann), Johan Kylén (Jan Bublanski), Tanja Lorentzon (Sonja Modig), Paolo Roberto (Paolo Roberto), Magnus Krepper (Hans Faste), Donald Högberg (Jerker Holmberg), David Druid (Tony Scala), Daniel Gustavsson (Niklas Eriksson), Pelle Bolander (Sonny Nieminen), Thomas Lindblad (Magge Lundin), Dennis Önder (Refik Alba), Niklas Hjulström (Richard Ekström), Ralph Carlsson (Gunnar Björk)