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S02E05: Blue Gold
Prime Video  ·  50 minutes  ·  Original Broadcast: October 31, 2019

Directed by: Dennie Gordon  |  Written by: Vince Calandra, Annie Jacobsen

Official synopsis: Using Max’s daughter as bait, Jack and Harry convince Max to meet face to face. Stranded in the jungle, Marcus stumbles across a prisoner camp. Greer visits Gloria hoping to draw a connection between Reyes and her missing husband.

Please note that recaps feature spoilers on the individual episode.
This recap was written by Daniel Hart for Ready Steady Cut, October 31, 2019

Episode 5 deals with the shooting in the restaurant where Rupert was assassinated by Max. Harriet (Noomi Rapace) is escorted away, and Jack (John Krasinski) is told to stand down by MI5. Jack can’t help himself; on the way out he steals Rupert’s office keys. He is not letting this go easy. Blue Gold”, gives us a brief update on Marcus, who is still traipsing through the jungle. Luckily, Mike has found him with satellite imagery and realizes he is heading into an indigenous village. Episode 5 then sidetracks to King Edward University; Max meets a student named Annabelle, provides her with a gift and asks about her studies. I believe Jack Ryan has introduced us to one of Max’s vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, Jack is in Rupert’s office, scoping out bank transfers to Max. Episode 5 sees Jim presenting a theory to Mike – Tantalum. It’s a chemical element that has been found in Venezuela, and is nicknamed “blue gold”. It’s worth trillions, and something that is rare and mined in China.

Jim asks what would happen in a company that broke up that monopoly and questions if it is linked to Gloria’s husband’s disappearance and subsequently the death of a US Senator. Max reaches Harriet before she can reach him. He kills her escort swiftly in the elevator and it soon becomes obvious the pair have an odd relationship. Max threatens Harriet about ruining his plans and quickly runs off. Following on from Max’s threat, Harriet and Jack meet up. Harriet makes Jack aware that Max has a daughter called Annabelle at King Edward University. She explains that he truly cares for them both. Jack has leverage now. He wants to know who hired Max to kill Moreno. While Jack goes to find Annabelle, Max chases after Harriet. He shoots Harriet but doesn’t kill her. Max finds out that Jack has gone after Annabelle. Jack has an odd meeting with Annabelle where he tries to warn her about Max and get information. She stabs Jack’s hand and runs off but he manages to catch her again. Max rings Jack, and they agree to meet at the University.

While it’s heating up between Jack and Max, Mike meets General Ubirra and tries to strike a deal – family protection for cooperation. Mike wants to know about President Reyes’ mining operation and how it connects to the death of the US Senator. I might be wrong, but there’s something not quite right with Mike… Jack Ryan Season 2 Episode 5 closes in a Wild West face-off. Jack and Max meet up – Jack allows Annabelle to walk off as they speak. Jack wants to know who hired Max, and he responds with vague, cryptic answers. As Max is about to draw his gun on Jack, Harriet sneaks up behind Max and kills him with her gun. Harriets asks Jack to leave – Annabelle returns to the scene, thinking Jack killed Max. With Max dead, how will Jack get his answers?

Guest Cast: Noomi Rapace (Harriet Baumann), Jordi Mollà (Nicolás Reyes), Francisco Denis (Miguel Ubarri), Cristina Umaña (Gloria Bonalde), John Hoogenakker (Matice), Jovan Adepo (Marcus Bishop), Michael Kelly (Mike November), Allan Hawco (Coyote), Susan Misner (Lisa Calabrese), David Norona (José Marzan), Victor Rasuk (Disco), Tom Wlaschiha (Max Schenkel), Áine Rose Daly (Annabelle Schenkel), William Jackson (Xander), Anthony Head (Rupert Thorne), Eduar Salas (Mateo Bastos), Neil Stuke (Jeremy Bright), Marcela Vanegas (Cassandra Ubarri), Nigel Allen (Undercover Commander), Sebastian Blunt (Agent Sutton), Paula Castaño (Valentina Rojas), Laura Giraldo (Maria Ubarri), Michael Grady-Hall (Agent Manville), Tom Milligan (Male College Student), Sergio Pinto (Rodrigo), Diany Samba-Bandza (Female MI5 Agent), Daniel Toro (Campaign Aide)