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Episode 8: Tobacco Tin
Sky Original  ·  50 minutes  ·  Original Broadcast: March 06, 2023

Directed by: Enrico Maria Artale  |  Written by: Francesco Cenni, Leonardo Fasoli, Michele Pellegrini

Official synopsis: Elizabeth promises Seymour freedom for him and Sarah once they are married. The latter was kidnapped with Kevin, wounded, by the gang in Bolton, bandits who intend to get a maximum of money in exchange for these two prisoners. Django and John try to find them before it’s too late.

I want what they wanted to do is to break down the typical hero. Our hero, Matthias Schoenarts, is not a hero-hero, he’s a bit of an anti-hero. And I think all the characters in our “Django” kind of have both a darkness and a kind of a more human side, a positive side. So I think what they wanted to do is to break the normal agreement of what a Western would be. (Noomi Rapace, KinoTV Denmark, July 04, 2023)

Guest Cast: Maya Kelly (Young Sarah), Oleksandr Rudynskyy (Spencer Forrest), Haris Salihovic (Blaine Forrest), Romario Simpson (Reuben Morgan), Adam Basil (John Bolton), Mark Frost (Henry Allen), Vivienne Rochester (Belinda)