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Episode 7: The Giant
Sky Original  ·  50 minutes  ·  Original Broadcast: March 06, 2023

Directed by: David Evans  |  Written by: Francesco Cenni, Leonardo Fasoli, Michele Pellegrini

Official synopsis: John learns that Seymour nearly set fire to the city, before fleeing to find Elizabeth. To defend the city, John is determined to raise an army, a bellicose desire that greatly displeases Sarah. In addition, memories come back to haunt the young woman.

My character has two sides to her. She’s very traditional and religious and is very together and organised. And then she also has this alter ego where she dresses like a cowboy and a man and she goes out and kills people, in a brutal way. (Noomi Rapace, BT TV, February 28, 2023)

Guest Cast: Jyuddah Jaymes (Seymour Ellis), Benny O. Arthur (Kevin Ellis), Vasile Albinet (Giant’s man), Adam Basil (John Bolton), Darius Eteeyan (Five Bears), Maya Kelly (Young Sarah), Emeline Lambert (Caroline Turner), Antal Edgar Miklos (Guardian), Franco Nero (Reverend), Joshua J Parker (Adam), Haris Salihovic (Blaine Forrest), Ella-Rose Shenman (Marybell), Dakota Trancher Williams (Aaron)