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Episode 5: Chambersburg
Sky Original  ·  50 minutes  ·  Original Broadcast: February 27, 2023

Directed by: David Evans  |  Written by: Francesco Cenni, Leonardo Fasoli, Michele Pellegrini

Official synopsis: Relations between Seymour and his father deteriorated. Django suspects John’s son of betraying the community by delivering information to Elizabeth. To find out, Django and John secretly organize two new expeditions. The first will convoy barrels of oil; Seymour will only know of the existence of the second, containing only water. If it is attacked, Seymour will be unmasked.

We wanted to make it real. We shot in Romania for six months, and it was dirty, super hot and then got cold. It felt like we went back in time. We shot in this beautiful, amazin location. It felt like we shot out in the desert and it was really like us against nature. (Noomi Rapace, KinoTV Denmark, July 04, 2023)

Guest Cast: Jyuddah Jaymes (Seymour Ellis), Vinicio Marchioni (Captain Parisi), Benny O. Arthur (Kevin Ellis), Joshua J Parker (Adam Thurman), Abigail Thorn (Jess), Dakota Trancher Williams (Aaron), Oleksandr Rudynskyy (Spencer Forrest), Haris Salihovic (Blaine Forrest), Matthew Marsh (Col. William Fourier), Elliot Edusah (Andrew Ellis), Philip Brodie (Martin Gress), Tobi Ibitoye (Harry), Cache Vanderpuye (Young John)