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Johan Renck, the director of the new hit Netflix sci-fi movie, Spaceman, believes that especially today, you can do whatever the fuck you want and nobody will give a shit. “There are no rules.” Fellow Swede Noomi Rapace, who stars in the new Apple TV sci-fi series, Constellation, echoes a familiar sentiment. So what is the point of art? Typically an antagonism towards the machinaions of culture, the role of art today is especially to make us feel more than it is to make us think. In light of their concurrent releases, office Editor-in-Chief Simon Rasmussen (who has more in common with Noomi and Johan than their Scandinavian heritage) called them up to discuss life, love, isolation, reality, gargantuan spiders, creativity, and the role of traditional storytelling and a slower pace in a present driven by hysterical consumption. In this conversation, there are no rules to break. The complete interview can be read over at Office Magazine.

But all the responses to Spaceman and Constellation – the strong reactions and the love – suggests that these projects hit some kind of sweet spot in people because they question identity and reflect on life without cynicism. It’s interesting because a lot of things are cynical today and still work really well. Yet, there’ are previous generations who have already gone through the circle of cynicism, dealing with mental health issues when it was taboo to say, ‘I’m really fucking unhappy.” I feel like it’s less taboo to say that now. And as you say Simon, there’s this emerging subculture of youth that refuses to be online.