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Review’s for Noomi’s AppleTV+ series “Constellation” have been lifted – and they range from “spectacular” very good to very ok :-) It’s a nice change to read many positive things about Noomi’s performance as well after sitting through a fair amount of mocking reviews for “Django” and “Assassin Club”. So, fingers crossed this will be a hit with viewers as well when it hits our screens on February 21. A compilation of reviews can be found below. You can click the title of the publication to read the full review.

Radio Times, Louise Griffin, February 09, 2024
Part sci-fi, part space opera, part psychological thriller, part ghost story, it’s in a box all on its own – but one thing’s for sure, it’s absolutely spectacular. Starring the incomparable Rapace as astronaut Jo, […] the twists and turns are brilliant (and we’re keeping completely quiet about the jaw-dropping ending), but it’s how grounded the show is that sets it apart.

Collider, Chase Hutchinson, February 09, 2024
Peter Harness’ Constellation is now the next bold series in this intriguing trajectory for the streamer. Although the way the character is written can be periodically one-note, Rapace makes her journey feel like something more as we get to see fear increasingly taking hold of Jo’s mind. When we are brought back to the present, as she starts to piece things together, Constellation truly takes hold.

The Wrap, Jesse Hassanger, February 09, 2024
Noomi Rapace is a wonderful actress, but we get so much of her here – specifically, so much of her bugging out her eyes looking stricken, terrified or confused – that she winds up appearing paradoxically, unfairly limited. “Constellation” raises plenty of intriguing sci-fi questions. But the show keeps circling itself, the kind of looping that’s easier to sustain in – sorry – a feature film.

JoBlo, Alex Maidy, February 09, 2024
The series is a psychological thriller that combines elements of horror, science fiction, and paranoid drama into a concept that tries to set up the first season of a conspiracy-laden ongoing tale. The problem is that for everything this series gets right, it gets just a little bit wrong. Led by the always-great Noomi Rapace and Jonathan Banks, Constellation would be fantastic if it wasn’t a little boring.

The Spool, Tim Stevens, February 09, 2024
AppleTV+’s new series comes out looking favorable in the comparison. A significant reason why is Constellation is far more interested in mining horror from what happens when Jo returns to Earth. Rapace sets the table well for her character’s unraveling, making Jo an immediately warm and likable character within the few minutes we know her before the accident in outer space. The way she recedes into herself as she begins to gain an understanding of what’s happened to her is thus more noticeable and tragic.