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On we go with “Django” screencaptures from episodes 4 through 6. While there was little promotion on the series, Noomi shared some details on her role in an interview with BT TV: “Westerns was my favourite genre growing up and I saw this and it had Nicholas, Matthias and it was the perfect combo of everything. It was an easy choice to come aboard. All the characters have different flavours and colours that separate them. Matthias is sensitive and not just the tough guy.” Expanding on her character, she adds: “Elizabeth” wouldn’t stay in this box. If men can play like this, I’m going to do that – and do it worse. She’s revolting and you see that throughout the series. She’s taking back control and has this inner battle between the woman in her and the man in her. It explores the masculine and feminine in all these characters.” Enjoy the screencaptures.

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