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Noomi Rapace will be a guest speaker at next month’s Fest PRO in Espinho, Portugal, which is running from 19-26 June. An exact date has not yet been confirmed. FEST is a new generation of festivals, featuring film screenings, music concerts & showcases, conference sessions and TV showcases. The Fest PRO section is a leading platform for filmmakers to network, enhance their film knowledge and develop new projects, as well as personally interact with the world’s leading filmmakers. In FEST, film professionals, up-and-coming and established alike, come together to present their work, develop their skills and create synergies. The event is a one-of-a-kind opportunity that offers a fast track to the film industry and creates a meaningful connection with like-minded peers worldwide.

Nancy Bishop and Jo Monteiro will be joining Caprice Crawford in sessions discussing the casting process within the international audiovisual industry. Noomi Rapace, renowned for her role as the lead actress in successful movies like the adaptations of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy, will share her valuable experiences. Leading the panel titled “The Role of Mentorship in Filmmaking: Building a Support Network and Learning from Industry Professionals” will be Paul Miller. He will emphasize the significance of mentorship and networking for emerging directors, providing valuable insights on how to establish meaningful connections with experienced industry professionals.