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According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Django” will celebrate its world-premiere at the Rome Film Festival this Sunday: Set, like the original film, in the period after the American Civil War, the series combines plot elements from both Django and its official 1987 sequel Django Strikes Again, themes from Tarantino’s film — particularly the role of Black people and freed slaves in old West — as well as adding several original ideas of its own. Even Django’s famous weapons-packed coffin makes an appearance, though in a very different setting than the original. The series’ main story sees Django, played by The Old Guard and Amsterdam actor Matthias Schoenaerts, searching for his lost daughter, whom he believes survived the murder of his family years before. His journey takes him to New Babylon, a town run by the visionary John Ellis (Top Boy’s Nicholas Pinnock), who has created a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic utopia walled off from the violent divisions of 19th century Texas. “Django is extremely contemporary: it touches upon themes that go from characters’ psychology to family and from inclusivity to diversity,” says Nils Hartmann, executive vp of Sky Studios Italy and Germany, of the new show. Django will roll out 2023 exclusively on Sky across its European pay-TV footprint, on Canal+ in France, Poland, Switzerland and Africa, and via M7 in Benelux, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. Studiocanal is selling the series worldwide. The complete article can be read over at The Hollywood Reporter.