Oct 07

In a recent article by WWD, Noomi Rapace was interviewed during the Paris Fashion Week’s Givenchy show and talked about “Django”, its upcoming premiere at the Rome Film Festival and the ongoing filming of “Constellations”.

Her series “Django” will have a splashy premiere at the Rome Film Festival later this month, and Rapace is looking forward to reuniting with the cast and crew, including costar Matthias Schoenaerts. “I love my character. She’s a villain with a broken heart. She’s really something different, something very intense,” she said. “I worked really closely with the writers and added and rewrote a lot of the scenes. I had a crazy dream one night and I told them about it, and they kind of wrote it into the script. It was a very collaborative process, so she’s very much me,” she said. She did a fitting for her red carpet premiere in Paris, but wouldn’t divulge designer details. Rapace said she was heading back to Berlin after the show to continue shooting her Apple TV+ show “Constellations.”