Jan 30

Despite its well received world-premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, “You Won’t Be Alone” has not received much media attention so far, since the festival didn’t include any in-person appearances due to the pandemic. However, Collider has been able to conduct a video interview with both Noomi Rapace and the film’s director, Goran Stolevski, which can be viewed below in its entirety. Here’s what Collider wrote: We had a chance to speak with Goran Stolevski and Noomi Rapace about the film during Sundance FIlm Festival. During the conversation, we really explored the deeper topics of the film. Stolevski reveals his attraction to Macedonia and his connection there from childhood, how he came about the magic and folklore of “You Won’t Be Alone”, how he approached the women who influence Nevena, how Rapace adapted to playing two characters, and what drew her to the project both as an actor and executive producer. Additionally, Stolevski reveals his research behind Nevena’s speech patterns and working with an archaic Macedonian dialect.

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