Dec 12

In her second collaboration with director Tommy Wirkola after 2017’s “What Happened to Monday?”, Noomi Rapace is given “only” one character to play, but this one has all the rage. In “The Trip”, Rapace plays Lisa, a moderately unsuccesful actress, 2ho heads to a remote cabin with her husband Lars, a moderately successful tv producer, who has planned the trip to kill his wife during the weekend trip. Coincidentally, Lisa has planned just the same fate for her husband. Their mutual blood bath turns into a group affair when some unexpected outsiders, including three escaped convicts, join the fray. Tommy Wirkola’s trip is everything you expect (bloody, funny, outrageous) and then some. Clearly one of Noomi’s most entertaining films of the last couple of years. Screencaptures from the Blu-Ray as well as its making of featurette have been added to the photo gallery. Next week: An early Christmas surprise for you :-)

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