Nov 02

During the last couple of weeks, I’ve updated pretty much all the content of Noomi Rapace Online, so here’s a little overview: The career section has received a complete makeover with all projects being updated. Here, you’ll find shortcuts to the photo galleries, related videos as well as streaming options. The press archive has been updated as well (I’ll think of a better way to make them easier to browse) and I’ve been able to revive the old video archive. While there have been some broken links, I’ve decided to start this section completely new, so we can make sure that all videos are still available. They are neatly sorted into categories, so you can browse by year, public appearances, television interviews and much more. The only thing missing are the video clips from her earlier films, they will be added step by step as time permits. And with a lot of updates on the photo gallery, Noomi Rapace Online is pretty much back in shape. Have a look around, enjoy your stay and check back soon for more to come.