Welcome to Noomi Rapace Online, your premiere web resource on the Swedish actress. Best known for her performances as Lisbeth Salander in the original "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" film trilogy, "Prometheus" and the recent Indie hit "Lamb", Noomi Rapace has emerged as one of the most exciting European actresses of this decade. This unofficial fansite provides you with all latest news, photos, editorials and video clips on her past and present work.  Enjoy your stay and check back soon.

Hello everybody, Frederik here. Frequent visitors of Noomi Rapace Online may remember me from way back when I created the site in 2010 and maintained it until 2018. With changing priorities and declining interest in her projects back then, I gave the site up for “adoption” and it was taken over. But when I recently saw it was up for adoption again, I couldn’t resist to give it another go – especially with Noomi’s most recent projects that look so edgy, entertaining and back to her roots. So, my thanks to the previous owner Marilia, for updating it over the past years, and to my host Flaunt for making this comeback of sorts possible. There’s lots of material that needs to be updated from the previous years and quite some catch-up to do on Noomi’s most recent projects, so please bear with me as the site will be updated over the next couple of weeks. I have decided to re-do all the sites, ie. the career pages, press library and video archive – which got apparently lost along the way. Check back soon for more updates and have a look at the photo gallery for lots of new additions to be added. Thanks and enjoy your stay.

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