Mar 01

Many thanks for De Palma a la Mod for serving all the latest news on Noomi’s upcoming thriller “Passion”, directed by the one and only Brian De Palma. “Passion” will be shot exclusively in Berlin, according to an article posted today by the Tagesspiegel‘s Andreas Conrad. The original plan a year ago was to set Passion in the U.K., which meant exteriors would be shot in London, while interiors would have been done at a studio in Berlin or Cologne. But now, according to Conrad, not only will the film shoot exclusively in Berlin, but it will all be on location, meaning no studio sets. This makes the project sound all the more thrilling. Conrad states that aside from the obligatory scenes set in office suites, De Palma will shoot Passion at the Sony Center (pictured above), the Bode Museum, and the restaurant Margaux