Dec 15

Last week I wrote about a possible collaboration between Noomi and director Brian De Palma, as Noomi stated in an interview, while promoting “Sherlock Holmes” in London, that she would meet with De Palma to talk about a possible project. Reading today’s news, it seems like she’s a lock already for “Passion”, De Palma’s attempted remake of a 2011 French thriller “Crime d’Amour”, starring Kristin Scott Thomas and Ludivine Sagnier. Thompson on Hollywood has the exclusive scoop that Rachel McAdams may join Noomi in the project. Shooting is appearently starting next March in Berlin. I did my research on this since there was no “official” announcement of Noomi’s involvment. The only thing I found out is that De Palma’s quote in the last paragraph of the Thompson article comes from a January 2011 interview with De Palma in Variety. For now, I don’t count this as a done deal – but let’s see how it turns out.