Sep 07

Today, Noomi Rapace Online turns one year old! I’d like to take this opportunity – besides celebration – to thank those who’ve helped in making this fansite what it is after twelve short months. Klara has been a contributor in the early weeks of the site, sending in some great clips and magazine scans. Laura was kind enough to let me use parts of her Noomi material when she moved on from her own fansite. Alvaro, a long-time friend, has never hesitated to send in anything on Noomi he found. And the site would definately not be as complete and comprehensive today without the generous help of Emma, who’s contributed lots and lots of captures and rare finds that you will find throughout the site. To all of you – including everyone I’ve forgotten to mention here – a big thank you. And to the visitors, there will be two extensive updates later today to celebrate – so check back in time!