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Article courtesy Screen Rant: Production on Ridley Scott’s Prometheus began last month, so news on the Alien prequel-turned-spinoff has been in short supply as of late. Besides a few rumored plot details that popped up recently, there’s been little to do but wait and see what Scott will deliver with his return to the sci-fi genre. A tidbit about some supporting actors now on-board for Prometheus has been leaked – however, the more tantalizing morsel of (unconfirmed) news comes from an insider who says that there is substance to those rumors about the iconic Alien xenomorphs appearing in Scott’s new film. Alien Prequel News is reporting that Emun Elliot (Black Death) and Benedict Wong (Moon, Sunshine) are members of the Prometheus cast, and are playing characters named Chance and Ravel, respectively. It’s likely that they’ll be part of the spacecraft crew in the film, whose ranks include the likes of Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, and several others.

But the site’s big scoop is this bit of information, which reportedly comes from an insider on the Prometheus set:

I can confirm seeing 3 aliens having lunch. Not the whole costume but blueish costumes and the unmistakable heads hanging around their shoulders…The alien heads were the same shape [as the xenomorph from Alien] but no markings, only a plane [sic] bronze colour. As for the suits black boots and shoulder pads the rest was a Chelsea blue body suit could be for SFX, all the sets around the back of the bond stage have huge green [chroma key] maybe that’s a clue.

I have witnessed foam cut outs of unmistakable aliens all cut in half [length] ways so they could be in the floor walls etc and very much from the original film. It won’t really be all that shocking if the xenomorphs appear in some form in Prometheus; at this point especially, it would be more of a twist if the extraterrestrials aren’t featured at all. Given the mythos of the creature’s biological structure (and yes, the Alien Vs. Predator movies have made that a bit convoluted), there’s all the more reason to suspect we’ll see a version of the xenomorph that differs all the more from the one featured in Alien 3 – especially if the movie includes one “born” from a Space Jockey. Scott has assembled a stellar cast for Prometheus and Damon Lindelof’s well-praised script could very well spin a cautionary yarn about some heady sci-fi topics like genetic manipulation and the terra-forming of other planets. Between the semi-Alien franchise pic and this summer’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes, I’d say it looks like we’ve got some pretty cool sci-fi prequels (or something close to that) to look forward to.

Prometheus is scheduled to arrive in theaters on June 8th, 2012.