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  Frederik     March 08, 2011     1 Comment

Article courtesy The Playlist. With the the casting for the lead roles sorted out earlier in the week and with a release date just over a year from now, THR reports that Ridley Scott has actually already started shooting “Prometheus” at Pinewood Studios Toronto – where it will lens for three weeks – and eagle eyed celeb watchers might want to keep an eye out around town for Noomi Rapace.Speaking recently with MTV, the actress revealed the shoot will be a long one that will go right into the fall saying, “I’m jumping into that straight off of [’Sherlock Holmes 2’]. My character’s name is Elizabeth Shaw, and I’ll step into her shoes in March and be her for six months or something. It’s quite a long shoot. It’s unbelievable.”

Details on the plot are being kept securely under lock and key, but what little we do know is that Michael Fassbender will be playing an android, and Rapace opens up a little bit about her character in the film as well. “She’s a scientist and is very bright,” she said. “She’s a believer. I think there are some similarities, but she’s very much her own. I don’t think people will compare her so much to Ripley once they see the movie.” Once the work in Toronto is done, lensing will likely continue at Pinewood London where most of the shoot is expected to take place. Joining Rapace and Fassbender in the film will be Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Sean Harris and Kate Dickie. The film, which shares some connective tissue with the original “Alien,” will land right in the middle of summer next year on June 8, 2012.