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Hello, everyone! As you know, Noomi is playing Harriet Baumann in the season two of Prime Video’s Jack Ryan. Our gallery has been updated with many screencaptures and production stills.

JackRyanS02E02-0051.jpg 003.png JackRyanS02E04-0032.jpg JackRyanS02E05-0065.jpg

Television Films & Series > Jack Ryan (2019)
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Noomi Rapace has launched N.C.P. (New Collective Products) Olfactives — the perfume concept she launched alongside the hairdresser Steve Terry, former skier Jonas Nilsson and songwriter Ash Pournouri – at Selfridges.

The idea for the label came from a lifelong obsession with scent and her need to switch up her perfume as she moves between characters and cities.

Read more of Noomi interview talking about N.C.P Olfactives at WWD.

noomirapacecom_002.jpg noomirapacecom_011.jpg noomirapacecom_024.jpg noomirapacecom_032.jpg

Public Appearances > 2019 > June 06: N.C.P Olfactives VIP Launch Party
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Noomi Rapace posed at the ‘Stockholm’ New York Premiere red carpet alongsite her co-star Ethan Hawke and director Robert Budreau at Museum of Modern Art on April 11.

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Noomi Rapace, Ethan Hawke and Robert Budreau discussed ‘Stockholm’ at Build Series ahead the New York premiere. Watch below the Q&A and check our gallery for high quality images!

noomirapacecom_021.jpg noomirapacecom_030.jpg noomirapacecom_028.jpg noomirapacecom_079.jpg
noomirapacecom_009.jpg noomirapacecom_010.jpg noomirapacecom_012.jpg noomirapacecom_013.jpg

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