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  Frederik     August 14, 2012     Comment?

Great news for today – “Passion” has been selected to be shown at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Prometheus) star in this fiendishly clever erotic thriller from master of suspense Brian De Palma. An exact premiere date hasn’t been announced yet, but there’s a more detailed synopsis on the film at the TIFF’s official website. Also, two new pictures have been released with the news, as you can see below. My thanks to Lindsey for the heads-up.

  Frederik     August 10, 2012     Comment?

Many thanks to Lindsey for letting me know that “Passion” will have its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival on September 07, 2012. Running in competition, the festival’s official website gives a couple of additional information on the film, such as the running time being 100 minutes. I’m sure more information and first scenes will be published closer to the premiere date.

  Frederik     July 29, 2012     2 Comments

The wonderful Lindsey has sent in a couple of pictures from the Berlin set of “Passion”, back in March 2012. The pictures show director Brian De Palma as well as actors Noomi Rapace and Karoline Herfurth. The film will have its world-premiere at the Venice Film Festival this September.

  Frederik     July 27, 2012     Comment?

Brian De Palma’s Passion has been selected as one of 18 films to compete at this year’s Venice Film Festival, which runs August 29 to September 8. De Palma’s film, officially a French-German production, is listed as running a lean and mean 94 minutes. Also among the selections is Terrence Malick’s To The Wonder. Both films feature Rachel McAdams, who, according to the Hollywood Reporter, is expected to appear at the festival. The line-up was announced this morning, with an additional secret competition title to be announced at a later date. Many are speculating that the additional film will be Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master. Ever since De Palma began shooting Passion earlier this year, reports have erroneously been stating that it has been six years since De Palma’s last film. In fact, his most recent film, Redacted, premiered at Venice five years ago, in 2007. That film also played at Telluride and Toronto within days of its Venice premiere. While the Toronto International Film Festival yesterday announced many titles that will screen there this year, there are still more titles to be announced. Telluride keeps its line-up secret until the film is actually playing. The Deauville American Film Festival announced it’s slate today, as well, but Passion was not included. Thanks to De Palma a la Mod for the text and Lindsey for the heads-up.

  Frederik     May 27, 2012     Comment?

Variety reported that, according to Wild Bunch’s Vincent Maraval, aside from a pending U.K. deal, the company has sold all of its portion of the Passion territories. These include Scandinavia (sold to Scanbox), Russia (to Top Film), and Brazil (to Playarte). Screen Daily reported earlier this week that Wild Bunch had sold Passion to Gussi for Mexico. Wild Bunch is splitting sales on the De Palma film with SBS Productions, which is headed by Passion producer Said Ben Said. SBS already sold theatrical and DVD/VOD rights for Germany and Switzerland to Ascot Elite at last February’s Berlin fest market. Also at the Berlin market, SBS sold Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg) to Lumiere, and France to ARP Sélection. SBS is also selling rights for the U.S., Spain and Italy. Many thanks to De Palma a la Mod for posting this.

  Frederik     May 15, 2012     Comment?

According to the Facebook page for Brian De Palma’s Passion, Wild Bunch plans to show a teaser for the film at its offices in Cannes during the film festival. The offices are located at 4 la Croisette. Also, a couple of new – very promising – pictures from the film and its making have been released. Many thanks to Lindsey for the heads-up and De Palma a la Mod for the news.

  Frederik     March 01, 2012     Comment?

Many thanks for De Palma a la Mod for serving all the latest news on Noomi’s upcoming thriller “Passion”, directed by the one and only Brian De Palma. “Passion” will be shot exclusively in Berlin, according to an article posted today by the Tagesspiegel‘s Andreas Conrad. The original plan a year ago was to set Passion in the U.K., which meant exteriors would be shot in London, while interiors would have been done at a studio in Berlin or Cologne. But now, according to Conrad, not only will the film shoot exclusively in Berlin, but it will all be on location, meaning no studio sets. This makes the project sound all the more thrilling. Conrad states that aside from the obligatory scenes set in office suites, De Palma will shoot Passion at the Sony Center (pictured above), the Bode Museum, and the restaurant Margaux