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In the past few weeks, I have worked behind the scenes to bring a new, mobile friendly video archive to Noomi Rapace Online. The old one has stopped working a while ago on mobile devices, so I’m happy to finally launch the new archive. All the clips from the old archive are uploaded and lots of new clips have been added as well. From Noomi’s first appearance on the Swedish soap opera Tre Kronor to the December-releasing Netflix thriller Bright, all of her projects are covered with trailers, featurettes – as well as talkshow appearances, awards ceremonies, news appearances and television specials. My thanks to MonicaN for providing the plugin. Enjoy!

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Welcome to the new version of Noomi Rapace Online. The new layout is a much-needed change for the site, which has seemed to take a bit of a winter’s nap. Fans and frequent visitors might have noticed that not much is happening, although Noomi has completed a batch of projects. Unfortunately, the majority of them (Rupture, What Happened to Monday?, Unlocked) are still awaiting a theatrical release, and it looks more like any or all of these films will make their way to on-demand rentals instead of a theatrical release. “Unlocked”, for example, has been filmed 2 years ago, and even with a director of Michael Apted’s caliber and Rapace, Michael Douglas, Orlando Bloom and Toni Collette’s star power, the film is yet awaiting any kind of release. Another project, “Callas” hasn’t moved an inch since its announcement in Cannes last year. Ditto the Amy Winehouse biopic, although at this stage I doubt it has been officially announced. So, the best way to to overcome this rather dry period is to stay positive and wait for news about the new projects being released. In the meantime, enjoy your stay and the new (and mobile-friendly) Noomi Rapace Online.

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Welcome to the new version of Noomi Rapace Online, featuring a stunning portrait of Noomi, surrounded by one of her memorable on-screen characters. I hope you enjoy the new look as much as I do. The last layout kind of put me off tracks, or maybe it was the fact that there hasn’t been a new film in 1 1/2 years. But there’s news in sight, with both “The Drop” and “Child 44” to be released in the Autumn and five films in production. So there’s a lot to look forward to. All the site content is still up with the gallery and video archive up to date to the new layout. Enjoy browsing around and make sure to check back soon.

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Welcome to new new layout of Noomi Rapace Online. The site is in its fourth year now, and it’s a coincidence this is our fourth layout as well, just in time to look forward to the four films starring Noomi to be released this year :-) All the content is still up, the gallery has received a little revamp as well. Browse around and enjoy your stay.

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Welcome to the new version of Noomi Rapace Online. I wanted to give the site a fresher look, yet keep it simple and effective, as always :-) Besides the new layout, I’ve worked on all of the subpages as well and am going to focus on the career pages within the next updates. The filmography sites have been neglected a bit in the past, but with two very promsing films on the horizon – “Animal Rescue” and “Child 44” – it’s time to do some research and revamp the film pages with all essential information. The photo gallery and video archive has received matching layouts as well, so have a look and enjoy browsing. If you find any error, please let me know. And in case you like the new layout, let me know as well :-)

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2012 has been a busy year for Noomi – and a very important one for her international career with her first leading role in an anticpated US production to emerge. But first, there was a theatrical release of “Babycall“, a thriller Noomi had done in Denmark in 2011. Although it was released already in the Nordic countries, the film released UK theaters in March 2012. The same month, Noomi started shooting “Passion” in Berlin with director Brian DePalma. The project was met with much interest due to its director and the premise of Noomi and Rachel McAdams playing the lead roles in an erotic mysterious thriller. Also in March, the trailer for “Prometheus” was launched – the film that would dominate Noomi’s year throughout. The trailer was accompanied by a lenghty article in Britain’s Empire Magazine, featuring Noomi – in character as Elizabeth Shaw – as their cover girl. An early premiere for “Prometheus” was held in Paris on April 10, with director Ridley Scott and the cast, including Michael Fassbender and Charlie Theron in attendance. More eagerly anticipated material for the film was released in April with a first featurette and lots of behind-the-scenes footage. In May, the “Prometheus” trio of Rapace, Fassbender and Theron graced the cover of the US Entertainment Weekly with another insightful article of the film, treated as one of the biggest Summer films of the year.

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Welcome to the new version of Noomi Rapace Online. No worries, it’s still the old site. But with the theatrical release of “Prometheus” this week in Europe and next week in the USA, I figured it would be the right timing to launch a new look for the site. All content is still up with updates being made to pretty much every page. Expect more additions to the gallery and video archives soon. Until then, please browse around and enjoy the new and modified Noomi Rapace Online.

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