July 2nd, 2013       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

Welcome to the new version of Noomi Rapace Online. I wanted to give the site a fresher look, yet keep it simple and effective, as always :-) Besides the new layout, I’ve worked on all of the subpages as well and am going to focus on the career pages within the next updates. The filmography sites have been neglected a bit in the past, but with two very promsing films on the horizon – “Animal Rescue” and “Child 44” – it’s time to do some research and revamp the film pages with all essential information. The photo gallery and video archive has received matching layouts as well, so have a look and enjoy browsing. If you find any error, please let me know. And in case you like the new layout, let me know as well :-)

  • Lindsey

    Looks absolutely amazing Fredrik! Congrats!

  • Filip

    Great work! The layout looks super-elegant and I love the colors. This site is so good!

  • Katja

    it looks great! good job!

  • Amanda

    Gorgeous new layout Frederik! Great job!

  • Stephen

    Looks amazing! Love the fonts and everything.