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Various online sources have reported today on the Prometheus creative team’s struggle to continue with a sequel. While Noomi has previously talked – without saying much really – about the film’s sequel, according to ScreenRush, Fox and director Ridley Scott have absolutely no idea how to continue the franchise with the planned trilogy. As the story goes, Damon Lindelof convinced Scott and Fox to ditch the planned ending of ‚ÄėPrometheus‚Äô (which would have more neatly tied the film into the opening of ‚ÄėAlien‚Äô) for something different; something that would launch a brand new trilogy. This was all well and good but when ‚ÄėPrometheus‚Äô hit theaters and faced a wave of criticism, Lindelof decided he didn‚Äôt want to return for ‚ÄėPrometheus 2‚Ä≤ and this left Scott wondering how they hell he was going to make a sequel. According to Bloody Disgusting, in the months since ‚ÄėPrometheus‚Äô hit theaters, Fox executives are ‚Äúfreaking out‚ÄĚ because neither anyone in-house nor Scott himself have any solid ideas on how to make a ‚ÄėPrometheus 2.‚Äô The report claims that Fox has taken meetings with ‚Äúbasically anyone‚ÄĚ with the hopes that someone out there can crack the ‚ÄėPrometheus 2‚Ä≤ code. You can read the complete article here.