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On June 08, 2012, Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender appeared on “Charlie Rose” to promote the US release of “Prometheus”. This is an insightful and very funny half-hour interview. The complete segment can be watched in two parts in the video archive. Many thanks to Saul for the heads-up and to w0utube for the original video. HD screencaptures have been added to the gallery as well.

  • Patrick McCarty

    This was my first exposure to Noomi on Charlie Rose. I must say I found her so engaging, enthusiastic, smart and open that I’m going to see at least one of her films. If she acts nearly as well as she speaks, I can anticipate that she’ll be a household name before we know it. Michael Fassbender was also quite well-spoken, but he was a distant second by comparison.

    Noomi, thanks for doing the interview. It was a treat.

  • Cathy904

    Oh, Mr. McCarty, you have such a treat in store for you. I discovered her after hearing much bruhaha about “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. She’s also a treat in “Sherlock Holmes:Game of Shadows”, and I loved her in “Prometheus”.